Derby Central

Its time for our annual Pack Pinewood Derby so weve scheduled yet another day of exciting racing (and yelling!!??) in January.


Our Derby is computer controlled and timed.

All cars will be weighed in with a digital scale for a maximum of 5 ounces.


We will run one large Derby on Friday night,  so that all boys will be racing together. Remember, it's all for fun not for an automotive engineering degree!     All boys will be entered automatically, but entry status becomes official only after a Cub brings in his car and it's officially weighed-in and inspected on Derby night.

Those cars not meeting rule standards will be allowed to race but placement will not count towards awards.

All cars will be eligible for Most Original awards regardless of any cars position or winnings. (Official Pack Committee Decision)


Three  Divisions:





First - Second - Third

(Each Division)

Most Original: Tiger, Cub, Webelos

Fastest in the Pack


Sportsmanship Award



Rules - Standards - FAQ's


Derby Day

Friday, Jan. 26

6:00PM - 7:15PM: Car Inspection / Weigh-in Entry

 Tigers: 6:00PM - 6:15PM

Wolves & Bears: 6:15PM - 6:45PM

Webelos Patrols: 6:45PM - 7:45PM

8:00PM - Derby Starts

All groups run together

Changes will be Posted!!

Complete Flyer printout HERE (.pdf format)